Walton on Thames

The autumn months can provide a vital asset to home vendors

As we enter the autumn season, closely followed as always by the onset of winter, the emphasis for sellers is on making their homes look warm, welcoming and wonderful. In some ways, the colder months represent an opportunity to showcase their properties in a way that simply cannot be done during spring or summer.

Potential buyers who view the home in the summer are likely to focus more on the garden than they may perhaps do in the winter, so vendors will need to concentrate more on the interior now. This gives them a golden opportunity to make every room appear attractive, and to seem like something of a sanctuary from the outside world.

The first priority for the seller is also perhaps the most obvious. Every part of the house needs to be heated, so buyers who come in from the cold will feel the benefit as soon as they walk through the door. If they walk into a hallway that is cold and unwelcoming, the visitor will be plunged into a negative frame of mind from the start.

It’s all about making a difference when you can

Whether you are looking to sell a flat in Weybridge, an apartment in Walton-on-Thames or a house in Hersham, you will want to make the most of every advantage you can gain. You will have a great deal of competition from other sellers in the local area, so be sure to make your property stand out from the rest if you can.

The warmth and comfort of a home is particularly appealing to visitors when the weather is not too pleasant outside, and of course the same applies to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the kitchen. Every time you get a chance to show buyers that your property offers respite from the cold, you should grab it with both hands.

Here at James Neave, we know there are a number of ways to show your home off in the finest way possible. These are not tricks of the trade as such, they are just very simple strategies to make the property more attractive. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to offer top quality advice that can make the difference between average viewings and ones which are the first stepping stone to a sale. Just give us a call today and we can put you on the path to success.