Walton on Thames




There are plenty of people who have no plans in the foreseeable future to sell their homes, but who also want to add value to their property in advance of the day when they do decide to sell up. So for those who are considering a project or two to enhance their investment, here are some ideas that will almost certainly add value.


1.    Installing a cellar


So many of us just don’t seem to have enough space at home these days, sometimes because of an increase in the size of the family and sometimes because of an accumulation of possessions. Making space isn’t always easy, but if it’s possible to add a cellar then space may become a non-issue in no time. If you already have a cellar for storage, it might be worth converting it onto another bedroom.


2.    Converting the garage


In recent times, we’ve noticed more and more home owners using their garages for storage, in particularly for storing anything and everything except a car! Many older homes in Walton-on-Thames have garages that simply aren’t wide enough for the larger modern cars, so while the vehicle is outside the garage itself is often full of old furniture, domestic appliances and gardening equipment. Spaces like this can easily be converted into home offices or bedrooms.


3.    Building a conservatory


While a number of people want more bedrooms, we have found plenty of home owners who just want to have more living space. A conservatory is perfect for them, because it can be light, spacious and attractive. It can act as a form of sanctuary away from the main hustle and bustle of the house, and of course it can offer attractive views of the back garden.


4.    Renovating a bathroom


Older-style bathrooms can sometimes give a home a somewhat faded look, even if the bathroom itself functions perfectly well. It can be expensive to renovate this room, but if you keep the layout the same you won’t have to pay out for redirecting pipework and suchlike. Replacing an old shower with a more environmentally sound model can also help to keep future running costs down.


5.    Remodelling the garden


While the garden renovation may not add direct value to the home, although in many cases it will, of course, the new look can add to the feel-good factor that the property has. Replacing a tired, somewhat threadbare lawn is a good idea, as is planting new flower beds and perhaps jet-washing pathways and patios. You could end up with what looks like a completely new garden by the time you’re finished!


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