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Find out more about renovations to increase the value of your home


There are a number of ways to enhance the value of your home, from simple processes such as adding a lick of paint here and there to commissioning a major extension project. The issue for many home-owners, however, is knowing whether the required investment in terms of money, time and effort is actually worth it.


Many people will tell you that doing this or doing that will make your house or flat more valuable, but can you be sure that the returns you hope for will materialise? Thanks to Sainsbury’s Bank, there’s a handy online tool that will help you understand more about renovations and improvements for your home.


It’s easy to use. You simply enter the value of your home and the budget that you have available, then click on the various dots on the picture of the home. Each click will tell you how much you’re likely to spend and how it will affect the value of the property when you come to sell it.


Valuable information for any home owner


Needless to say, the figures included are general and won’t necessarily pertain specifically to your home, but they still offer a fascinating insight into how you could add value to your property with just one single project. If you decide on a particular course of action, it’s worth asking a few questions of our team about property values and how they can alter.


Returns on your investment differ from project to project, of course, but it was interesting to see that perhaps the largest profits could be made by converting your garage or loft into another room. In effect, you’ll be expanding your living area, and for that potential buyers will be happy to pay the extra cost.


Extending a property has always been a good way to increase profitability, but it’s worth noting of course that the initial outlay for many extension projects is significant. Renovating individual rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms doesn’t cost a fortune, but it returns a sizable profit for the vendor at some point in the future.


The online tool can be found at https://www.sainsburysbank.co.uk/money-matters/home-renovations-calculator, so if you’re thinking of any home improvements feel free to take a look. It could just inspire you to do something that will add value to your home in the near future.



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First-time Buyers are on the Rise Once Again


In recent times, house prices have slowed considerably in comparison to previous years. While there are a number of reasons for this slow-down, the two main factors have been the continuing recovery from the credit crunch and the increasing uncertainty in regard to if and how the UK will cope with Brexit. As we’ve seen many times in the past, economic uncertainty isn’t good for the property market.


Here in our lovely little corner of Surrey, prices have still increased, unlike many other regions, but not as quickly as in the past. James Neave handle a great many houses for sale in Walton-on-Thames, and although the market isn’t as buoyant as it once was, there is still a discernible buzz here. A location that makes it easy to commute into London certainly helps with this.


One of the more interesting aspects of a slow-down has been the increase in the number of first-time buyers who have been able to finally get on the property ladder. When house prices were rising quickly, it became almost impossible for first-timers to make a purchase at all, but this seems to have changed over the last year or so. The market always offers good news for some and not so good news for others.


New properties constantly coming onto the market


In Surrey and in many other UK counties, there’s been a steady increase in the number of new properties that have been built. While governments and local authorities are still telling us more and more will need to be built, it’s refreshing to know that some new flats and houses have been constructed and put onto the market with the specific intention of attracting first-time buyers.


This development has been helped by the availability of cheaper, more affordable mortgages, some of which again are aimed exclusively at first-timers. While the economic future of the UK isn’t as settled and predictable as we might like, it’s refreshing to know that conditions are right at the moment for those who want to get into property purchase.


Once the dust has settled on what exactly will happen after Brexit is or isn’t introduced, it’s reassuring to know that the market may be in a good position to recover, even if it’s a slow process. Time will tell what happens, we at James Neave the Estate Agents eagerly await the next chapter!


James Neave the Estate Agents are based in Surrey, and we sell a number of houses and flats in Walton-on-Thames which are suitable for first-time buyers. Call 01932 221 331 to find out more.


moving day


Five mistakes to avoid on moving day


They say moving house is one of the most stressful experiences we can have in our lives, but it should be noted there are ways to cut down on that stress. If you plan to move in the coming year, it can be a good idea to plan ahead, and to do all you can to avoid pressure situations. Here are five of them.


Label your boxes


It’s somewhat surprising to us that not everyone does this. On the day of the move, it can become totally chaotic when all you can see is a sea of boxes in front of you. If you label each box, listing details of what’s inside and, crucially, which room it needs to be placed in, the whole process will be smoother, more efficient and far more effortless.


The proper packing materials can help


Instead of asking a few friends if they have some old boxes you can commandeer for a few days, either buy or borrow the correct removals boxes from a specialist company. They don’t cost a fortune, and they can make a huge difference on the day. Equally, invest in some strong packaging tape and, if necessary, wrap your china, pottery and other breakables properly.


Remember what you’ll need first


Most of the things you pack won’t be necessary upon arrival, but some undoubtedly will. Make sure you know where the kettle and tea cups are, for example, and where some food might be should you or the family (or your pets!) start to feel hungry. Long before the moving day comes around, you should perhaps start making a list of what might be needed.


Have all the right keys close at hand


There are few things in life more frustrating than searching for keys when you have a lot to do, and this is even more relevant when you’re moving house. Keep the front door to your new property handy, and any other keys that might be needed, such as those for the garage, the shed and other doors around the house itself. It always pays to be organised.


Tell those who need to know about the move


When you need to move home, you need to tell so many different people and organisations, and this little task can be easily forgotten when the pressure is on. Again, make a list in advance of those who should be told, and start to tell them in the days ahead of moving day. Whether you’re moving to property in Walton-on-Thames or anywhere else, being organised is of paramount importance.


James Neave the Estate Agents are based in Surrey, and we sell a great many houses in Walton-on-Thames and the surrounding area. Call 01932 221 331 for more information.

days out


Family Days Out in Our Local Area


If you’re thinking about moving to Surrey, you’ll already be aware of many of the benefits that come from living here. Transport links are good, the towns are friendly, there’s plenty of attractive countryside to explore and you’ll still be pleasingly close to London. If you have young children, you may not be aware that there’s an excellent selection of family days out to enjoy. Here are some of our favourites.


Chessington World of Adventures


Once known for being the largest private zoo in England, Chessington World of Adventures is now a hugely popular theme park with plenty of white-knuckle rides for those seeking a few thrills. The zoo opened in 1931, while the theme park came into being in 1987. It’s just a 20-minute car journey from our offices in Walton-on-Thames High Street.


Thorpe Park Resort


The same distance from us but in the opposite direction, Thorpe Park is another popular theme park. Highlights include the water chute Tidal Wave, the somewhat scary Derren Brown’s Ghost Train and several impressive rollercoasters such as Colossus, Nemesis Inferno and Stealth. Thorpe Park, at one time nothing more than a gravel pit, was opened in 1979.


Mr Mulligan’s Pirate Golf


Golf with an exciting twist is perfect for a family day out. Mr Mulligan’s Pirate Golf is located in Woking, just nine miles from the centre of Walton-on-Thames. It features 18 holes of timber-shivering fun for adults and kids alike, along with plenty of parking and a bar and restaurant for some much-needed rest and recuperation after pounding the fairways.


RHS Garden Wisley


While mums and dads will enjoy the peace and tranquillity of this idyllic venue, there are still plenty of things to keep the kids occupied at Wisley. The Glasshouse is home to a collection of rare and endangered plants, while some of the gardens at Battleston Hill are reminiscent of a jungle. Wisley covers an area of 240 acres, so there’s always something worth exploring here. It’s less than nine miles from our office.


Wizzkidz Play Centre


Located just a mile or so from us in Walton Lane, Wizzkidz Play Centre is perfect for the younger children. It offers so many games and activities to enjoy, and there’s an excellent café for mums and dads to enjoy while the little ones have their fun. If your youngsters like bouncy castles, ball pits and soft play, they’re going to fall in love with this place.



James Neave the Estate Agents are proud to be located in Surrey. We specialise in offering superb flats and houses for sale in Walton-on-Thames. Call 01932 221 331 for more information.


Four tips for a sensible buy to let investment


The continuing increase in people who choose to rent their homes rather than buying has led to an inevitable rise in those who are considering a buy to let investment. This can prove to be a very sensible option, because it produces a regular monthly income while maintaining ownership of a property that will hopefully increase in value in the coming years.


Low interest rates over the past few years has made saving a less attractive proposition, so purchasing a flat or house and renting it out can seem to be a good strategy. There are many advantages to be had, but you need to careful in order to avoid potential pitfalls. Here are four tips to help you make the most of taking this route.


1.    Never underestimate the power of good research


While the benefits are there for all to see, you need to consider the disadvantages that can come with being a buy to let (BTL) investor. You will of course be responsible for ensuring the property is safe, healthy and habitable, and to be ready to tackle any maintenance issues that could arise. Always consider this when trying to work out your potential profits.


2.    Be sure to look for the right location


Because you won’t be living in the property yourself, you won’t necessarily be tied to a specific area. Having the ability to look further afield opens up more possibilities, and you will be able to think about factors such as schooling for tenant families, local amenities, commuter links and shopping facilities. Think in advance about the benefits that renters may be able to enjoy.


3.    Pay the best price for your property


As a BTL investor, you are of course not looking to live in the property, so you can afford to be extra choosy. If the place doesn’t tick all the right boxes, simply walk away and invest elsewhere. When the time comes to negotiate a price, you’ll be seen as a desirable buyer, if only because there will be no chain beyond you. Therefore, make sure you haggle for a price that suits you.


4.    What type of landlord will you be?


A great many investors use agents such as ourselves to liaise with tenants and to handle the day to day affairs of the property. Here at James Neave, we offer a great many houses and flats to buy in Walton-on-Thames, and in some cases we become the managing agent when a place is bought as a BTL investment. Like all agents, we charge a fee for our services, but in return we take many of the headaches away from the landlord.



James Neave the Estate Agents specialise in all estate agency services in Walton-on-Thames and the surrounding area. If you’re considering a BTL investment, have a chat with our friendly team today.


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